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Category 08: Health Media/Journalism Excellence Awards 2020

Sub-category 01: Excellence in Health influence on Social Media

This award recognizes the positive influence of social media information, communication and reviews on healthcare and how it shapes the views of its audience and incites them to look towards innovative and better ways of connecting with healthcare physicians



Sub-category 02: Excellence in Health Promotion Journalism

This award recognizes noteworthy and credible journalism on healthcare, informing stakeholders and relevant audience on pharmaceutical development and research, recent technologies, and novel strategies regionally and internationally.



Sub-category 03: TV Station/program recognized for Healthcare Promotion

This award recognizes TV stations whose significant contributions towards mass media campaigns on health, wellness and advancement in new healthcare practices has produced positive changes, prevented negative health-related behaviors across large populations and impacted on the eradication or prevention of a deadly disease.



ias award

Category 09: Medical & Research Laboratory Excellence Awards 2020

This award recognizes pivotal laboratory roles played in translating scientific and technological breakthroughs into medical cures. This includes, but not limited to, research to investigate biological, chemical, or pharmacological phenomena like mechanistic studies to assess carcinogenic risk of specific chemicals, mechanism of disease pathogenesis, interaction of immune function and drug metabolism, study of emerging pathogens, and toxicity profile identification.



ias award

Category 10: Young Stars of Industry Excellence Awards

Sub-category 01: Aspiring Young African Entrepreneur in Healthcare Excellence Awards 2020

This award will celebrate excellence in healthcare by identifying leaders in a range of categories who have contributed to research, teaching, and advancement of medicine through positive global impact and inspiring others with their leadership.



Sub-category 02: Africa Health Start-Up Company Excellence Awards 2020

The mission of the Award is to honor excellence and recognize the creativity, innovation, hard work and success of digital health and medical technology companies, services and products around the globe.



Sub-category 03: Young CEO in Africa Healthcare and Pharma Industry Excellence Awards 2020

This award acknowledges breakthroughs by young individuals pivoting business models and bringing effective healthcare with the aim of disrupting and innovating the research, Medical technology and overall healthcare solution.



Sub-category 04: Young Scientist Excellence Awards 2020

The winner of this award will be recognized for exemplifying leadership in transforming care delivery at organizational, local and national levels.



ias award

Category 11: Lifetime Achievement Excellence Awards 2020

This Award recognizes consistent history of service, above and beyond the call of duty, throughout a distinguished career in Research and Development or clinical research in Africa; with nominees being retired or semi-retired but still active in African research in some capacity

ias award

Category 12: Honorary Excellence Awards 2020 (Academy, Industry, Government)

This Excellence Award acknowledges the impact tirelessly accomplished through passion and persistence in innovation, service delivery, and excellence with significant and recognizable contribution to National and International progress towards the fight against COVID-19 in their considered sector/industry.

ias award

Category 13: Healthcare Alliance & Partnership Excellence Awards 2020 (Nonprofits, Patient Advocate groups, Companies supporting healthcare)

This award is a very special addition in recognition of excellence and achievements in medicine and advocacy for the health of the population with highlights in the administration of patient care and the facilitation of effective collaboration among all providers.

Sub-category 01: Healthcare Alliance and Partnership Excellence Awards (Patient Advocacy Group)



Sub-category 02: Healthcare Alliance and Partnership Excellence Awards (Nonprofits)



Sub-category 03: Healthcare Alliance and Partnership Excellence Awards (Corporate)




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