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Category 07: Healthcare Provider Excellence Awards 2021

This Award is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate projects that are making a real and lasting difference to our health and social services. This includes any service provided directly to the public including, but not limited to; clinical services, primary care, social/family support, support services (to include catering, pottering, security, clerical), management services (to include people management, processes, information technology or service management initiatives.)


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Category 06: Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2021

This award recognizes excellence demonstrated in manufacturing and business operations. The primary focus of the award is to acknowledge continuous improvement, best practices, creativity and innovation in manufacturing.


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Category 05: Pharmacy Excellence Awards 2021

This award is designed to acknowledge pharmacy group who have impacted their communities significantly, based on public healthcare delivery, community development activities, and healthcare technological innovation, through various platforms, likewise showing exemplary ethical practice setting, mentorship, chain practice setting and notable contribution to the objectives of the society.


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Category 04: Pharmaceutical Excellence Awards 2021

The Pharmaceutical Excellence Award celebrates the greatest achievements and innovations in the pharmaceutical industry in recognition to driving change in research and development of pharmaceutical and biological products, drugs and diagnostics towards improving health and wellbeing.


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Category 03: Clinical & Research Excellence Awards 2021

This award recognizes significant contributions made in advancing a new therapy through one or more clinical phases in reaching its goals, while paying attention to adopted effective working practices, and achieved major milestones within expected timelines.


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Category 02: Healthcare Technology Excellence Awards 2021

This award recognizes the forward-thinking in health, wellness, life sciences, and solution that leveraged  technology to achieve innovative excellence and industry disruption.


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Category 01: Health Innovation Excellence Awards 2021

This Award recognizes the greatest impact during the calendar 2021 year, using evidence-based medicine; leading to an advancement in healthcare. This might include the first demonstration of a clear clinical effect for a new drug/ procedure/ device in an area of unmet medical need, a pivotal study of a new drug / procedure/ device with a breakthrough mechanism of action, or a major study of a potential new or expanded indication for an already marketed product.




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